• Butterfly embroidery sweatshirt
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    Butterfly embroidery sweatshirt

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  • Summer night Landscape sweatshirt
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    Summer night Landscape sweatshirt

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  • Butterfly turquoise sweatshirt
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    Butterfly turquoise sweatshirt

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  • A Folk Song sweatshirt
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    A Folk Song sweatshirt

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  • Mask embroidery terry unisex sweatshirt
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    Mask embroidery terry unisex sweatshirt

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At Bobo Choses, we redefine style and create comfortable garments that reflect your creative side. Explore our collection of sweatshirts for both men and women with bold designs that will keep you warm, no matter where you are. Every element, from the type of zipper to the hood, tells a story and has been chosen to give you the ease of movement you need while protecting yourself from cooler weather.

Our sweatshirts are filled with original prints and vibrant colors, making them perfect for a versatile and daring wardrobe. At Bobo Choses, we care about creating conscious and environmentally-friendly products, which is why we strive to produce our garments from eco-friendly materials and sustainable processes. Our sweatshirts for women and men allow you to create comfortable and casual looks that will become essentials in your wardrobe.

What materials are Bobo Choses sweatshirts made of?

The Bobo Choses sweatshirts are crafted from comfortable and breathable materials, such as organic cotton. We aim to ensure that each garment is soft to the touch and provides the warmth we seek for the transitional seasons. We strive to use sustainable materials that have a lesser impact on nature and human health.

What is the fit of the sweatshirts like?

Our sweatshirts are designed with both comfort and style in mind. We recommend referring to our size guide to assess the fit based on your personal preferences, and checking the product descriptions for detailed information on the materials used.

What sizes are available in sweatshirts at Bobo Choses?

Our Bobo Choses sweatshirts range from XS to XL. You can refer to the size guide on each product page to determine which size best suits your measurements.