At Bobo Choses, we believe in the incredible power of imagination, especially when it comes to making the world a better place. And who are the true masters of imagination? Children! They have the creative spark to design, invent, and reinvent the world around us. What would a brand new world reimagined by children be like?

Scroll down to learn how to join the movement.

The world of Up-is-Down by @doulaverket

The world of Up-is-Down by @izzypugh

How to join the movement

It's your turn to contribute to the magic! We invite you to take part in our activation: "In the world of Up-is-Down...". Here's how you can join in on the fun and share your creative vision of an up-is-down world:


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On Instagram, using the hashtag #intheworldofupisdown, share a drawing, handwritten text, photo, or vertical video that explains a characteristic of your imaginary Up-is-down world.


Start your post with “In the world of Up-is-down…” and complete the phrase with your creative endeavors. Include your name, city, and age to give us a glimpse into your extraordinary world.


Your magical creation could be featured on our social media channels and our “In the world of Up-is-down” site.

Let's build a vibrant community where creativity knows no limits and where the extraordinary simply becomes the everyday!

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