• Bobo Choses denim cap
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    Bobo Choses denim cap

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  • Striped fisherman hat
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    Striped fisherman hat

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  • Tomato plate embroidery cap
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    Tomato plate embroidery cap

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  • Branded color block bucket hat
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    Branded color block bucket hat

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    Carnival print cotton hat

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Our collection of Bobo Choses caps and hats reflects the fun moments we've lived and the experiences we're yet to discover. Cotton caps, fisherman-style hats, woolly beanies, and unique balaclavas that add a creative and personal touch to your outfits. At Bobo Choses, we celebrate individuality and authenticity at every step of our creative process. That's why our hats are so special—each one is an embodiment of our creativity and imagination, designed to provide you with the comfort you need in your everyday life.

Our commitment to sustainability and caring for the planet drives us to research and use eco-friendly materials. This way, we not only help you express your unique personality but also contribute to a cleaner, healthier world for future generations. Dare to add a touch of imagination to your wardrobe with us.

Are the hats designed to fit different head sizes?

Yes, as our collection is unisex, we've designed all our hats and caps to comfortably fit various head sizes using the adult size 58.

Can I find your hats in any physical stores?

You can visit our store located in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona (Carrer de la Ribera, 1, 08003 Barcelona, Spain) and many of our other retail locations across Europe.

What materials do you use to make your hats?

Depending on the model, we use a variety of materials such as cotton for bucket-style hats or wool for beanies, among other sustainable materials.