Explore B-Side, an exclusive capsule collection where colors pop, prints are created outside the lines, and designs speak volumes. Like the unexpected tracks on a vinyl record's B-side, Bobo Choses’ creative team delivers a more daring proposal for Spring-Summer.Crafted for spirits who like to make a statement of uniqueness, creativity, and the fun of self-expression through style.

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The SS24 B-Side campaign pictures were shot by Polly Alderton, a talented British photographer who possesses a distinct and captivating perspective on life as seen through her portraits.Through her lens, she immortalizes the bold essence of her children and close-knit neighborhood companions, leaving a lasting legacy.

“When the Bobo clothes arrive for the photoshoots, it's pure chaos because there's so much excitement with the children trying things on and getting changed in and out of things. We all set up at my home and everyone brings treats to eat. Throughout the day, they'll be playing and doing their own thing, and I'll take pictures; often the children also have perfect ideas about how they want something to look. We get to have so much fun!”

Enjoy more of her work at @dollyandfife and www.dollyandfife.com