There are many worlds, and they are all within ours. None of them is impossible. Who of you dreams of an Up-is-down world?

Choose your language and discover, with our new animated film, the story behind the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection, Up is Down. Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

The magical universe of Bobo Choses is born out of original stories and poems. Eventually, the characters come to life in the form of prints, shapes, and products. With each collection, we also publish a book with the story that inspired it. We love good old printed paper!

Up is Down is our seventeenth publication and features a fun, imaginary upside-down world where some crazy things may not seem so outlandish compared to our current world…

The world can be designed, invented, and reinvented. And it is quite clear that our current world could be put under review. At Bobo Choses, we believe that imagination can change the world for the better. And we also believe that the number one experts in imagination are children.

Discover the AW23 collection, available for babies, kids, and adults.

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