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Explore our collection of Bobo Choses pyjamas, much more than simple sleep sets. They are genuine expressions of personality and fun designed to add joy to your nights. Each pyjama is a blend of vibrant colours and prints inspired by invented stories, where each set is a declaration of fun and comfort. Find your unique style within it; each two-piece set is intended to manifest your singularity.

Crafted entirely from cotton, with an elastic waistband and a slightly loose fit, you'll experience unparalleled rest. The soft and breathable cotton will provide the necessary comfort for enjoying long nights of sleep and waking up the next day refreshed. Dare to bring a fun twist to your nights and enjoy the freedom of movement our pyjamas offer, allowing you to express your most creative side even during the nights.

What are Bobo Choses pyjamas made of?

Our Bobo Choses pyjamas are crafted entirely from cotton, a soft and breathable material to provide you comfort during the nights.

What kind of fit do the pyjamas have?

We offer pyjamas with a slightly loose fit and an elastic waistband to give you greater freedom of movement and comfort.

In what sizes are the Bobo Choses pyjamas available?

At Bobo Choses, we've designed our pyjamas in a wide range of sizes to fit different body types and preferences, ranging from XS to XL.