• Bobo Choses Multicolor Suspenders
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    Bobo Choses Multicolor Suspenders

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  • Ribbon Bow All Over belt
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    Ribbon Bow All Over belt

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The magical universe of Bobo Choses belts originates from invented stories and imaginary worlds. We've designed our collection of belts with the idea of keeping children's trousers in place as they embark on exciting adventures and unleash their imagination. These belts are colourful and fun accessories that, thanks to their elasticity, adjust to your little one's growth as they develop.

Our belts for boys and girls are crafted from high-quality polyester and elastane, designed to keep up with the most energetic antics, allowing them to run, jump, and play with complete freedom of movement. Furthermore, we've selected vibrant colours and playful patterns inspired, as always, with the intention of encouraging them to showcase their personality and creativity wherever they go.

Are the children's belts easy to fasten and unfasten?

Yes, our belts are designed for boys and girls to easily fasten and unfasten them. You'll find different closure options to choose the one that best suits your children.

Are the children's belts unisex?

Yes, both our children's belts and the rest of our collection are designs intended for both boys and girls.

What sizes are your elastic belts available in?

Our elastic belts are available in sizes 60 and 75 to accommodate children of various ages and sizes. We've designed them to provide comfort and a secure fit throughout all their adventures."