Festive Brioche Cake with Pastry Cream

by Jana Zumbaum

Explore the taste of tradition with 'la coca,' a classic Catalan pastry enjoyed during festive occasions. Inspired by “A Folk Song's” spirit of togetherness, 'la coca' offers the opportunity to create something special and share it with everyone during moments of celebrations.

Jana Zumbaum is an architect turned into a baker. Eight years ago, she started her project Más Meriendas, looking for a way to work hands-on and create delicious and beautiful food while dedicating time to her small kids. Since then, Más Meriendas has provided cafés around Barcelona with their cakes and cookies. Jana and her team decorate celebration cakes with fresh flowers, dehydrated and candied fruit, and other edible colorful gems. Her three kids are now 4, 7, and 10 years old, and this year, Jana has opened Pècora, a shop that offers her baked goods along with great coffee, creating a space that feels like a second home, where to work and be in contact with the people of the neighborhood, and finally watch her clients eat cake in the sun.

Celebrate culture and life with the SS24 collection, A Folk Song, a tribute to folk traditions. Come gather everyone, it’s festival time!

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