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Children's T-shirts filled with imagination and fun characters

Discover a universe of fun and creativity in our collection of T-shirts for kids from Bobo Choses. Designed with little explorers in mind, our garments tell vibrant stories and present worlds full of imagination and endearing characters that invite the little ones to embark on new adventures.

Our wide range of colours and original prints is like a blank canvas where the little ones can draw and stimulate their imagination. From soft tones like beige or sky blue to bursts of bright colours like red or yellow, each T-shirt is an opportunity for boys and girls to express their unique personality and be inspired to create their own stories. The playful animals, abstract patterns, and fun designs are intended for the little explorers to choose T-shirts that truly speak to who they are and how they see the world.

Comfort and freedom of movement in every garment

When designing our T-shirts, we believe in the importance of children feeling comfortable while playing and exploring the world around them. That's why our garments are always loose-fitting and made from soft fabrics such as organic cotton or recycled polyester, allowing them freedom of movement to explore without restrictions at all times. The little ones can jump, run, and enjoy without constraints, living their childhood as they prefer.

Each garment is an invitation to play, dream, and discover. The quality of our garments reflects our dedication to accompany the fearless explorers in all their adventures. We use durable materials and fabrics that will keep up with their pace from sunrise to bedtime, no matter how active or mischievous they may be.

Kids' T-shirts committed to sustainability

At Bobo Choses, we care about the social and environmental impact of our garments. Every T-shirt we create is the result of an ethical commitment throughout the production chain, from selecting materials such as organic cotton, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), and recycled fabrics to the final manufacturing. We collaborate with local and certified suppliers, ensuring that production is ethical and sustainable. We keep our T-shirts free of hazardous chemicals and adhere to circular fashion principles, reducing waste. We know that children's fashion can be conscious and sustainable, inspiring children to be an active part of this positive change.

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What fabrics are the children's T-shirts made of?

The T-shirts for boys and girls are crafted from comfortable and breathable materials, such as organic cotton. We aim to ensure that each garment is soft to the touch and suitable for the sensitive skin of children. We make an effort to create products that are respectful of our social and environmental surroundings.

How should I wash and care for the T-shirts?

We design our garments to be durable and last as long as possible. You can check the care recommendations and also review the product details for each item.

Do you have the same T-shirt in different colours?

Our collection is brimming with vibrant colours, patterns, and unique designs. We usually don't duplicate them, but you may find some designs available in different colours.