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Our bold and abstract scarves are a staple for both women and men during the winter season. Beyond providing warmth on cold days, our Bobo Choses scarves stand out for their creativity, quality, and durability, featuring a sophisticated and timeless color palette composed of neutral and brighter tones, becoming an essential item in any wardrobe.

Crafted from wool and other quality materials, they offer a soft touch, ideal for providing comfort in facing the cold. The unique fusion of imagination, style, and sustainability in our garments creates a versatile wardrobe for any occasion. Similarly, we design our garments to endure over time. Whether you're seeking a timeless scarf or a bolder, more colorful option, at Bobo Choses, you'll find one that matches your personality.

Are Bobo Choses scarves very thick?

At Bobo Choses, besides winter scarves, you'll also find thinner, lighter scarves for the transitional seasons. This way, you can feel comfortable in any season of the year.

Can I machine wash the scarf?

Yes, you can machine wash our scarves, although we recommend handwashing. Opt for a gentle washing cycle and use cold or lukewarm water to avoid damaging the fibers. Additionally, we advise washing the scarf in a laundry bag to prevent it from catching on other garments.

How long are Bobo Choses scarves?

The length of our scarves may vary depending on the design, typically ranging from 90 to 190 centimeters.