• Fantasy World all over sleeveless woven dress
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    Fantasy World all over sleeveless woven dress

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  • Wonder Horse all over woven dress
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    Wonder Horse all over woven dress

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  • Wonder Horses all over sleevless strap dress
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    Wonder Horses all over sleevless strap dress

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  • Beneath the Moon all over woven dress
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    Beneath the Moon all over woven dress

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Dresses and jumpsuits inspired by childhood magic

At Bobo Choses, we design children's dresses and overalls as gateways to imaginary worlds where each print aims to awaken the most creative side of boys and girls. We want them to invent and reinvent their own stories, all filled with their favorite colors that will accompany them on journeys to distant lands and adventures that no one else has lived.

Loose cuts for greater freedom of movement

The little ones need to feel comfortable and free wherever they go, so each of our dresses and jumpsuits features a loose cut that allows them to move freely during their escapades. It is crucial for us to select breathable and gentle fabrics for children's skin, such as traditional cotton or environmentally responsible alternatives like organic or BCI cotton, so they can explore the world around them without irritations or chafing ruining the moment.

Environmentally responsible garments

All the fibers that make up our fabrics are of high quality and capable of withstanding the test of time so that they can enjoy their favorite garments for as many years as possible while they grow. Likewise, we continue to improve our production practices to ensure they are environmentally responsible and considerate of the people involved in every step of the process. We collaborate with local suppliers committed to our values and who share our vision of minimizing the environmental impact of the industry.

Dresses and overalls to let them be themselves

Each of our garments is an invitation to dream, discover, laugh, and play without limits. We aim to be inclusive in cuts, shapes, and colors so that you can find in our catalog children's garments with which they feel free to be who they really are. Discover dresses and jumpsuits long, short, plain, with prints, pleated, with ruffles, with straps or puffed sleeves, that they can wear both in winter and summer. They will be able to experiment with layers and textures, combining their favorite T-shirts, socks, jackets, and sweaters.

Bobo Choses: inspiring the little ones

Our dresses and jumpsuits are designed to celebrate inclusivity and freedom of expression, without imposing rules to follow or restrict their way of being. We encourage boys and girls to mix them with other garments from their wardrobe, creating unique and personality-filled outfits.

At Bobo Choses, we believe in the magic of childhood, and we want each of our garments to become an opportunity for the little ones to tell their own stories. Every print, cut, and detail is intended to inspire them and make them feel comfortable in what they wear.

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What fabrics are our jumpsuits for girls made of?

Our jumpsuits for girls are crafted from a variety of non-toxic and durable fabrics, carefully selected to provide comfort and safety for the little ones. In our collection, you'll find options such as certified organic cotton, as well as blends of other fabrics that offer durability and ease of care. It's important for us to incorporate breathable materials that allow for optimal ventilation, ensuring that children enjoy the comfort they need.

How should you wash and care for the dresses and jumpsuits?

We design our dresses and jumpsuits with durability in mind, aiming for them to last as long as possible. You can refer to the care recommendations and also review the care label on each garment.

Do we have different versions of the same dress model?

Our entire collection is filled with vibrant colours, prints, and unique designs. We don't typically duplicate them, but occasionally, you may find a design in different versions.