Come gather young children, it’s festival time!

Discover the world of A Folk Song: this is more than a story, it's an invitation to join the festivities of folk traditions. Gather, sing, and step into a world where giant and big-heads parade, and human castles grow taller than houses.

Choose your language and discover the story behind our SS24 collection. Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Catalan and Korean.

At our heart lies a commitment to storytelling, where we cherish the timeless magic of printed stories and each collection unfolds from the pages of a book. Immerse yourself in our eighteenth publication, a tale that comes to life page by page, inviting you to sing and celebrate with us.

A Folk Song, a tribute to folk traditions, is inspired by children and adults gathering in the streets among musicians, storytellers, dancers, and creatures from folklore to celebrate culture and life. 

Discover the collection, available for babies, kids, and adults. Have fun!

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