Bobo Choses Series

Rita Puig-Serra Costa

Meet Rita Puig-Serra Costa, a Barcelona native born in 1985. She has no siblings but grew up with her close friends after her parents' early divorce. Since childhood, she has embraced life with an open heart and a creative sensibility.

Her academic path led her through Humanities and Comparative Literature, and her career began in publishing. At 30, she shifted gears into Graphic Design and Photography, driven by her love for books. Today, she manages personal projects, commercial work, and teaching. She recently has published a new book Anatomy of an Oyster, in collaboration with Italy's Witty Books. Amidst her multifaceted life, Rita treasures her role as a mom to her two-and-a-half-year-old son, Riu. Join us as we explore Rita's world through her thoughtfully curated recommendations.

What’s on your nightstand? Currently reading.

La veritat sobre la llum from Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, L’Art de posar límits from Sonia Kliass, La historia de los vertebrados from Mar García Puig and El juego de la madalena from Julieta Averbuj.

What to listen to while folding laundry.

NTS Radio, Un podcast à soifrom Arte Radio, Vostè primer by Marc Giró.

What to binge on a Saturday night.

Jacques Audiard’s or François Ozon movies.

What are you currently listening to on loop.

The Durutti Column and the fantastic playlist that Ana Domínguez, Ana Habash, and Pablo de Pastors prepared for the launching of the book. 

A source of inspiration: a favorite artist/photographer.

Carmen Winant.

Any family particular recommendation?

Celebrate the arrival of each new season by reading Rotraut Susanne Berner's books of the seasons.

City Guide:

Fav spots in Barcelona

For book shopping: Casa Anita

To grab a snack: Uaala! Gelateria 

For a family-friendly feast: Can Martí 

To dance like nobody’s watching: Our living room :) 

To stroll with the kids: Walk along Rambla de Sants until you see the trains passing by. 

To see art: KBr Fundación Mapfre

For thrift shopping: Mercat dels Encants

To play: The Tibidabo slides and also the fountains in summer are amazing.

To get out in nature: Jardins del Viver de Can Borni

Touristy places worth the visit: Climb the Mirador at Torre de Collserola, the best observatory in Barcelona 

Txell Hernández-Gil for Bobo Choses

The AW23 collection, Up is Down, features a fun, imaginary upside-down world where some crazy things may not seem so outlandish compared to our current world... 
Go explore it now!

Compra nadó

Photography: Anouk Nitsche

Styling: Mafer Navas

Styling assistant: Victoria González

Production: Fantastic Mr Nilsson & Txell Hernández-Gil

HAMU: Ana Cano

Models: Rita and Riu.