• Faldilla prisada Color Block
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    Faldilla prisada Color Block

    Preu habitual €65,00
    Preu habitual Preu d'oferta €65,00
  • Faldilla estampat Fantasy World
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    Faldilla estampat Fantasy World

    Preu habitual €75,00
    Preu habitual Preu d'oferta €75,00
  • Faldilla estampat Freedom Bird
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    Faldilla estampat Freedom Bird

    Preu habitual €52,00
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  • Faldilla encoixinada estampat Harlequin
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    Faldilla encoixinada estampat Harlequin

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  • Faldilla de canalé de ratlles Bobo Choses
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    Faldilla de canalé de ratlles Bobo Choses

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  • Faldilla de micropana estampat Wonderland
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    Faldilla de micropana estampat Wonderland

    Preu habitual €75,00
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Children's skirts born from imagination

For us, the imagination of the little ones knows no bounds; it is the driving force behind their innate curiosity. Through garments like our Bobo Choses children's skirts, we aim to nurture it and give them wings to continue creating fantasy worlds where they are the heroes of their own stories. Each skirt is inspired by tales from our childhood and their daily adventures, allowing the intrepid travellers to explore unknown corners.

Whether playing in the park next to home or at family gatherings where they reunite with their favourite cousins, our children's skirts are designed to adapt to any occasion. Long, short and frilled skirts, all are comfortable and durable garments that will encourage the little ones to discover new horizons and express their own personality wherever they go. We know that when girls feel comfortable in their own skin, they are capable of conquering the world.

Diversity is key with every Bobo Choses skirt

The prints on our children's skirts are a reflection of the creativity that flows through all our collections. All feature playful and colourful designs, whether bold or minimalist, to suit each girl's personality. We find inspiration in nature, art, music and traditions—any idea can spark our collections.

From abstract shapes to drawings of fantastic characters, our skirts give girls aged 2 to 13 years the opportunity to choose the one that best showcases their unique personality to the world. Whether they are the boldest explorers or the calmest, at Bobo Choses, we celebrate diversity and strive to offer garments that capture the essence and joy of childhood.

Resilient and free-moving children's skirts

At Bobo Choses, we understand that adventures can only be enjoyed with total freedom of movement. That's why our children's skirts feature loose cuts and elasticated waists, in most cases, which gently adapt to the girls' bodies.

We craft our skirts with quality materials, soft to the touch, breathable and resilient, allowing the girls' skin to breathe freely while they run, jump and play without restrictions, naturally adjusting to every movement. Additionally, a significant portion of our collection is made with BCI-certified organic cotton or recycled cotton. These conscious materials care for the environment and their skin, preventing possible irritations or discomfort. They have been grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, preserving the fertility of the soil while reducing the environmental impact of conventional cotton production.

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Are there skirts for different ages?

Our intention is to cover all stages of growth. We have the baby line of skirts ranging from 2 to 24 months, and then children from 2 to 13 years old.

Are children's skirts durable?

Yes, our skirts are crafted using reinforced seams and quality materials, ensuring their resilience against constant movement while providing freedom of motion.

What kind of materials do you use to make the skirts?

For our skirts, we often utilize alternatives to conventional materials, such as organic cotton and BCI, which make up over half of our latest collection. We also incorporate recycled fabrics.