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    Faldilla de ganxet

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    Faldilla amb butxaques

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    Faldilla curta amb volants estampat llums

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    Faldilla estampat confeti

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Skirts without social boundaries

In Bobo Choses, we want to challenge the conventions of society, celebrating the diversity and creativity of people. When designing our garments, we don't impose limits; we want to be inclusive in cuts, shapes, and colours so that our catalogue includes skirts for all styles, and each individual can give them the meaning they want for their outfits. We have loose-fitting, long, midi, short, pleated, straight, flared or ruffled, plain, and vibrantly patterned skirts.

Bobo Choses outfits for every occasion

Skirts are versatile garments that we can wear both in winter and summer, playing with layering and easily combining them with other pieces of clothing to create unique outfits. A wardrobe classic to which we want to bring new airs in each collection so that you express your personality without falling into trends.

If you're looking for an outfit that won't fail you for the office, long skirts or midi cuts with a t-shirt and sneakers, or your favourite jumper and heels, is always a good option to go comfortable and elegant. If you want something bolder, play with different prints and textures like those of the pleated or ruffled skirts from our collection. You decide what to combine them with for relaxed days or more special occasions.

Comfortable and responsible skirts

For us, it's very important to choose soft and breathable fabrics, such as traditional cotton or environmentally responsible alternatives like organic or BCI cotton, which allow comfortable and fluid movement throughout the day. All the materials we select are of quality and capable of withstanding the passage of time with minimal care so that you can enjoy your favourite skirts season after season.

Furthermore, we strive to continually improve our production practices to be responsible towards the environment and the people who are part of the sector. We work with local suppliers who share our ethical values and seek to minimise the impact we generate on the planet.

Garments that tell stories

Bobo Choses skirts are a reminder that fashion can be inclusive, that there are no established rules that must be followed to the letter and limit our way of expressing ourselves. We want to celebrate individuality and creativity in all its forms.

In Bobo Choses, we invite you to experiment and play with different styles to find the look that best represents you, capturing and expressing your unique personality. Each of our skirts is an opportunity to tell your story; each print, cut, and detail aims to inspire and empower those who wear it. For us, it's essential that you feel comfortable with what you wear wherever you go.

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What materials are Bobo Choses' skirts made of?

Bobo Choses' skirts are crafted from comfortable and sustainable materials, such as organic cotton. We aim for both comfort and durability while prioritizing sustainability and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Do the skirts have elastic waistbands?

Many of our skirts feature elasticated waists to better suit each individual's body. Similarly, all our Bobo Choses garments are loose-fitting to ensure comfort at all times.

How sustainable are Bobo Choses skirts?

Sustainability is a core pillar in our philosophy. At Bobo Choses, from design to production, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable future by implementing environmentally friendly practices at every stage.