This SS24, Bobo Choses, and Freedom Moses come together in a collaboration all about having fun, doing your own thing, and not taking life too seriously, or, as we say at Bobo, it’s about being ‘seriously funny’—enjoying every moment and expressing yourself freely.

Freedom Moses’ bold colors and Bobo Choses’ prints from “A Folk Song” merge to create a vibrant sandal capsule collection. Featuring ‘Funny Insects’ for the playful hearts of kids and ‘Confetti’ for both kids and adults, these sandals add a splash of color to your daily steps. Crafted for comfort and designed for ease, they’re ideal for any spring-summer activity. Whether you’re walking through city streets or relaxing by the sea, our sandals make every journey more enjoyable. Stride into the season, where every step is an opportunity for fun, and every path leads to a discovery.

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