• Confetti Freedom Moses X Bobo Choses sandals
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    Confetti Freedom Moses X Bobo Choses sandals

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  • Color block leather clogs
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    Color block leather clogs

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  • Bobo Choses red espardilles
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    Bobo Choses red espardilles

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  • Pink crossover sandals
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    Pink crossover sandals

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At Bobo Choses, we aim to challenge and redefine imposed trends, seeking comfort while freely expressing our creative side. Every pair of shoes we design is unique, crafted to strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. Enjoy every experience with accessories that keep pace with you and boost your confidence.

However, our concern goes beyond just comfort and style; we also strive to be sustainable at every step of the way. We seek sustainable alternatives to conventional materials that ensure the durability and quality of our shoes while contributing to environmental protection.

Being a part of the Bobo Choses community means discovering how comfort and sustainability can go hand in hand in every step you take, embracing environmental responsibility and enjoying fashion in a conscious and unique way. Join us and discover how we can make a difference together.

What materials do you use in making the shoes?

We use a variety of sustainable materials like natural rubber that prioritize durability and quality. We're always seeking environmentally friendly alternatives in crafting our shoes.

Are Bobo Choses shoes comfortable?

Every pair of Bobo Choses shoes is designed with maximum comfort in mind to accompany you in your daily activities. For this, we use soft and flexible materials that support your foot while adapting to its shape.

Do you have larger shoe sizes?

Yes, in our shoe collection, we offer a range of sizes from 36 to 41 to accommodate different sizes and styles.