At Bobo Choses, creativity and fun fills the air.

Since 2009, we celebrate life’s curiosities with a spirit of play. Our love for storytelling inspires each collection to come alive with illustrated books. From colorful clothing to artistic posters and workshops, we craft a playful world that lifts our feet off the ground. We are kids stuck inside adults, acting seriously funny and caring for the world and everything that is part of it.


Taking care of the planet and its people matters too.

Based in an old toy factory in Barcelona allows us to craft most garments locally, celebrating local craftsmanship and learning from manufacturers’ know-how. Our creativity extends to finding responsible solutions in creating our products, reducing our environmental footprint, and embracing mindful production methods.


Today, Bobo Choses is present in more than 46 countries by building partnerships with 599 retailers worldwide based on shared values.

These relationships open doors to share our blend of storytelling and design across the world, creating a community that cherishes creativity and having fun.