• Happy Mask t-shirt
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    Happy Mask t-shirt

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  • Bobo Choses Circle t-shirt
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    Bobo Choses Circle t-shirt

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  • Play the Drum t-shirt
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    Play the Drum t-shirt

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  • Rainbow tank top
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    Rainbow tank top

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What is the right size for my children's t-shirt?

The right size of T-shirt for our son or daughter can vary depending on their age and height. Our children's T-shirts are loose and comfortable to provide them with freedom of movement and to last as long as possible as they grow.

What fabrics are the baby t-shirts made from?

The t-shirts are made from comfortable and breathable materials, such as organic cotton. We want to ensure that each garment is soft to the touch and suitable for the sensitive skin of babies. We always strive to use sustainable materials that have a lower impact on nature and human health.

How should I wash and care for the t-shirts?

To wash and care for your children's T-shirts in the best way, we recommend following the instructions on the garment's label, as it depends on the materials. In general, it is advisable to wash them in cold or lukewarm water, preferably with similar colors, to prevent fading.